Comforting Pet Dental Care

Vet with Dog - Pet Dental Care

Let the professionals at Beach Garfield Veterinary Hospital in Huntington Beach, California, maintain your cat or dog's teeth. We provide comforting pet dental care, which is important to your pet’s overall health.

Oral Care for Your Pet

Oral health care is an often overlooked, but important component, of our pet’s health care. A good, sound oral health program will provide comfort and longevity to your pet’s life, as well as make them more pleasant to be around.

Dogs and cats both need routine dental care. We offer advice on home dental care and give you options on how to achieve the best results. Ask us how we can assist you in providing oral care for your pet.

We Provide:

• Oral Dental Exams
• Comprehensive Dental Cleanings, Polishing, and Fluoride Treatments
• Minor Oral Surgery including, Tooth Extractions, Fistula Repairs,
   Removal of Oral Tumors, and More
• A Referral Network to Veterinary Dentists and Specialists (As Needed)
• Monitored General Anesthesia through Our Knowledgeable, Well
   Trained Technicians with the Aid of Digital Monitoring for the Vital Signs
• Administering Local Anesthesia to All Surgical Tooth Extractions
• Home Dental Care Instructions and Product Recommendations
• All Anesthetic Patients Have a Designated Technician/Nurse Assigned
   to Them at All Times
• Comprehensive Pain Management before, During, and after Any Oral
   Procedure That May Produce Discomfort

If your pet is experiencing any discomfort or dental disease, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.